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Re: Firefox and Moonlight (Mono) "Free Software" Status?

2008/6/4 Jeff Spaleta <jspaleta gmail com>:

> I think its pretty clear at this point that default applications for a
> given desktop environment should attempt to be native toolkit. We'd
> need a damn good reason to want to prefer a qt based app as a default
> app in GNOME... no matter what the functionality gap is between
> applications in the same space.  So making knote a default installed
> application for a GNOME desktop would be less than optimal.  But if
> KDE users want to use it as a default, fine by me.

This is a good point, although I notice recently it's being brought up
as an argument against using KDE apps in GNOME space, despite there
being a number of cases where GNOME / Gtk apps are recommended as (and
in some cases required, like package kit) for use in KDE space ;o)

The issue here is, the two "best" note takers both appear to be
qt/kde-centric, alas ...

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