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How to handle subpackages with missing dependencies

I'm in the process of packaging Zend Framework for Fedora [1] with
direct help from Zend's developers, all issues pointed out by me could
be fixed ´╗┐but still one is remaining:

After separating all components requiring non-standard dependencies from
the base package, three of them remain with dependencies unresolvable;
one subpackage needs php-sqlite which has been deactivated in favor of
php-pdo's sqlite support, another one depends on php-pecl-ibm_db2 no one
has packaged yet and the last one depends on php-oci8 which cannot be 
provided at all because it is proprietary software.

It can still perfectly make sense to provide these packages and let the
user take of the deps himself but "official" Fedora support is
impossible this way.

How to handle them? Simply exclude from the build? Comment them out in
the build so users can build their own package using the spec? Provide
them with unresolvable Requires:s? Provide them without the Require:s?
Add a README.Fedora explaining how to handle them?

Couldn't find anything in the docs about it.

[1] https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=421241

- Alex

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