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Looking for co-maintainers...

Hi folks,

Due to work and life commitments, I haven't been able to even c/o my
packages from cvs to take a look at what needs updating. I recently
got a FTBFS against one of my packages, log4net, and I'm fairly
certain I won't have the time to look into this in the near future. So
if anyone is interesting in either co-maintaining or even owning the
following please let me know.

Jokosher - a non linear audio editor written in python
libflaim - Database engine, novell project, pretty much dead I think
gnonlin - Non linear gstreamer stuff, mainly picked up as Jokosher uses it
log4net - lazy logger from the apache project

Only log4net has any real urgency given the FTBFS. Any help on this
appreciated. I really didn't want to have to do this but I'm just
crazy busy at the moment.


Christopher Brown


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