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Re: Request for ownership: zile maintainer not responding

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Please note that although I filed the initial bug (as required by the
Non-Responsive Maintainer policy) against Zile, the person actually
interested in taking it over (ie. Rakesh) is not an existing Fedora
contributor. Even though the policy page
says "If the requester is a not an existing Fedora contributor, he may
still take over a package", it does not mention how that would be
possible. The usual way is to submit a review request and wait for a
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> DR> Jason, Please don't close [2] since that is a consequence of the
> DR> Non-Responsive Maintainer procedure initiated by [1].

> Well, if you want to go making your own process....

See "Old becomes new" on

Now, although the package has not been orphaned, the maintainer has
simply disappeared. I managed to get hold of two email IDs associated
with him (one of them was his FAS ID) and none of them are working any

> DR> The review request is necessary since Zile was last built for
> DR> Fedora Core 6 and has not been updated for a long time.

> Zile is still in the repo and was last built for the GCC 4.3 rebuild.
> I'm not aware of any rule requiring re-reviews of packages which were
> have not been removed from the distro.

If a maintainer disappears without orphaning any of his packages, I
fail to see how the situation is different from this one. The presence
of Zile in the repository is simply an accident as none of us noticed
that the maintainer has disappeared, and possibly Zile did not have
any major bugs filed against it.

On Fedora 8, the most recent build available was tagged .fc6.

Even if it was built for GCC 4.3 during the Fedora 9 cycle, it only
means that the package still builds from source. That is of little
value here because the entity performing the rebuild did not notice
the fact that no human had touched the package sources for such a long
time, and that the maintainer was AWOL.


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