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Re: Request for ownership: zile maintainer not responding

Funny how you keep on arguing this.

> RP> If I follow those points, along with review, I should wait for at
> RP> least one FESco member approval before taking over and I am
> RP> waiting.
> Well, according to the procedure he gets seven days from the second
> ping.  The ticket indicates that the second ping happened on
> 2008-06-03, so he gets four more days, I guess, unless you have other
> public records of him being contacted earlier.

The policy says:
"After 2 attempts (2 weeks) of no response from the maintainer, the
reporter posts to the fedora-devel list with a url to the bug report
and asks if anyone knows how to contact the maintainer."

The first public attempt was by me on 17th May and the second on 25th
May. A weeks after this the review was submitted on 3rd June. In the
meantime Rakesh had expressed his desire to take over the package so I
let him continue with the process.

> I don't want to cause problems
> due to not following the policy as written.

The _only_ part which was not followed was waiting for approval from a
FESCo member before submitting the review. Since there was a message
submitted on this list on 1st June and no one responded for the next 6
days, I do not think that can be the fault of anyone else apart from
the FESCo members.

So kindly refrain from saying things like "not following the policy as written".


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