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Re: Request for ownership: zile maintainer not responding

>>>>> "DR" == Debarshi Ray <debarshi ray gmail com> writes:

DR> The first public attempt was by me on 17th May and the second on
DR> 25th May.

Well, great, all I have to go on is the ticket.

DR> So kindly refrain from saying things like "not following the
DR> policy as written".

Kindly take your indignation elsewhere; was referring to my actions
only, not anything related to you.  I am simply trying to help here.
I had a nice conversation on IRC last night with Rakesh wherein we
worked out the details and how I was going to help him; we left the
zile ticket closed since it's unnecessary and he'll simply take the
package over once I sponsor him, etc. and now I get up this morning
and find you getting in the middle and confusing things and making me
wonder if it was worth trying to help at all.

Could you kindly just step out of the process and let me work with
Rakesh here?

 - J<

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