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Re: Packaging question: /usr/share/gnome/help ownership

Kevin Kofler wrote:
Michel Salim <michel.sylvan <at> gmail.com> writes:
Should applications that put files under /usr/share/gnome/help be
required to own it (or depend on yelp)?

Own it maybe, depend on yelp definitely not, at least not in anything which ends up on the KDE spin (e.g. the system-config-* tools required by Anaconda). We don't want the whole xulrunner stack on the KDE spin, we don't have room for it. (We use Konqueror as the browser on the KDE spin, not Firefox.)

Err... the last time this came up it was successfully argued that having "Help" fail to work was a bug. The initial idea was to have something within the GNOME stack require yelp but I believe that failed because of circular dependencies.

So if this will cause problems because of system-config-* dragging in xulrunner we need to come up with some other way of solving the help-won't-display bug.


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