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Re: "Fedora Project summary and awards" - end of RedHat support?

On Mon, Jun 9, 2008 at 1:05 AM, Pavel Shevchuk <stlwrt gmail com> wrote:
> There was some talk about RH shifting priorities to do best at what
> they are best already - servers, but abandoning fedora - definitely
> not. Fedora is what they make RHEL from and they need open system to
> test-drive technologies

I humbly ask you to refrain from rumor mongering of any sort.  'Some
talk' with regard to RH shifting priorities isn't a particular useful
thing to say without a citable reference that I can follow up on with
the Red Hat employee who made the statement.  It's no more useful than
the comments that started this thread.

Let me put this to rest. As a Fedora Board member I have absolutely no
information nor even a glimmer of feeling as to Red Hat taking any
steps away from this community whatsoever.

And all I do as a Board member is walk the back alleys and wander in
out out of smoke-filled rooms doing under the table deals with shadowy
figures using codenames like 'mongoose' and 'iceman' while exchanging
packets of insider information in unsuspecting manila envelopes. I
live and breath rumor and unspoken truths.  And if Red Hat was about
to take a step away from this community, it would take me completely
by surprise.

>From all accounts from LinuxTAG its clear that in the future its in
everyone's best interest to expand Red Hat's involvement with Fedora
globally.  Frankly I think its only a matter of time before Red Hat
has a Fedora community employee like Max on every continent, including

If anything 'we'.. the community members and the Red Hat employees
engaged in board level discussions are doing what we can to identify a
long term strategy to grow the available resources.  The Community
Architecture team, which is our primary means through which Red Hat
support is generated has a transparent budgeting process in our wiki,
and is continually engaged in resource planning with members of the
Fedora community.  If Red Hat wasn't serious about Fedora, we wouldn't
be in a position to even talk about budgets and long term growth.  We
are in this for the long haul, and I'm confident that as long as we
continue to show the value in the community contribution model, Red
Hat will make strategic investments to enable Fedora's growth.

I take the issue of long term project sustainability quite seriously.
To be quite honest, I am extremely disappointed that Valent decided
that this was worth bringing to the attention of a general mailing
list without a credible reference to refer to.  I certainly wouldn't
have made such a sensational posting such as this without making some
discreet inquiries as to the validity of what I had heard.    There
isn't much in the original post to comment on, and the central
argument of the original post runs counter to everything thing I know,
and every personal interaction I've had in the last six months.


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