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Re: Requirements gathering for new package source control


while maintaining only one small package for some releases I would like
to see some decentral version management.

My current work looks like that:

- checkout current source code
- apply changes to .spec
- move things to ~/rpmbuild
- test build
- repeat until things work
- move things back to current SCM

It would be a great thing, if I could control all that from my own
versioned repository copy with some 'make <USUAL_STEP>' commands and
finally merge my changes back especially when testing builds for
multiple releases.

The new workflow would look like:

- replace source code with current (ideally by using a handcrafted
expansion to make e.g. make source revision 3456)
- commit that change locally
- commit changes to local .spec file locally
- make test
- merge final changes

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