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Re: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

> Same source file, even.  Mere aggregation?  Where can I get the
> separate works, then?

The firmware is available in the windows driver, and various other
drivers. So you can get it that way. I believe the tg3 file may be
available on its own from your own tree. 

> > and also on the boundaries of contract created by copyright.
> ?!?!?  Copyright does not create contracts.  Copyright creates

Bingo.. and copyright does not give you power over other works or over a
large number of activities and ways of using them. Contract law does allow
you to do things like that copyright is much more limited.

> IIRC it says that modifying, distributing (including publishing) a
> work requires permission from the copyright holder, and, in the
> absence of such a permission, such acts are forbidden by law.  Do you
> even have a case here?

I do not need your permission to put your book on the same bookcase as
someone elses book. Nor do you have any standing to impose restrictions relating
to other works via copyright.


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