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Re: Requirements gathering for new package source control

On Mon June 9 2008, Jesse Keating wrote:
> At the upcoming FUDCon I plan to hold a session or two regarding
> requirements and discussions about the future of our package source
> control.  This is NOT a time to argue about one SCM being "better" than
> another.  I don't really want to hear any SCM names at all, rather I'm
> interested purely in only what we require and what we'd like out of our
> package source control.  I'm sending this mail to get people thinking
> about it, and to give the people who won't be at FUDCon a chance at
> dropping their thoughts in.

I would like to have a way so easily track patches against the cvs state of a 
package with the possibility to do private commits and an easy way to merge 
them to the official branch or show them others in a way that they can easily 
merge them. This would make co-maintaining packages a lot easier imho.

Also it should not take that long to to get a diff like it does with cvs.

It would be also helpful, if it was possible to checkout only the active 
branches of a package instead and when this would be the default beheaviour 
when one checks out a package. Maybe this could be achieved with an "active" 
and an "archive" branch of /rpms/<package> for each package in some scms. The 
active branch would currently only include F-{7,8,9} EL-{4,5} and devel.

Another thing that comes to my mind, would be an easy way to merge changes 
from devel to the F-? branches. E.g. the scm could track when one merged from 
devel to F-9 the last time and make it possible to merge these changes to the 
F-9 branch easily, even when the F-9 branch contains changes that are not in 


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