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Re: Requirements gathering for new package source control

Am Montag, den 09.06.2008, 22:44 +0000 schrieb Kevin Kofler:
> Christoph Höger <choeger <at> cs.tu-berlin.de> writes:
> > It would be a great thing, if I could control all that from my own
> > versioned repository copy with some 'make <USUAL_STEP>' commands and
> > finally merge my changes back especially when testing builds for
> > multiple releases.
> Why don't you just commit the changes even if you don't know yet whether they 
> build? Especially for a small package where you're the sole maintainer, it 
> won't really matter if CVS HEAD isn't always buildable.

Well I am not alone maintaining that package and I thought that spamming
comaintainers with "hmm, let's see if _that_ works" commit mails would
not be that nice ;)

But the real reason is that I always try to make sensefull commits only
to a central repo so every revision is a complete buildable version.
This avoids others checking out and getting mad about half made work.

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