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Wiki URL Structure (Proposed Change #2): flatten page hierarchies

I'd like to propose another wiki URL structure change.

In the past years, with the previous wiki, there was a drive to build deeply nested page hierarchies. For example Foo SIG was hosted in SIGs/Foo, and its contents put yet another level deeper ie SIGs/Foo/Subject

I've noticed while trying to clean up my auto-converted SIG pages that mediawiki **really** wants to use a flat page hierarchy, with categories used to group sets of pages (not surprising given its wikipedia roots; an encyclopedy hierarchy is flat).

So I'd like the authorization for interested groups to stop trying to use the tools the way they were not intended, kill the nested deep hierarchy mess and move pages to the wiki root.

For example:

- SIGs
+ Category:SIGs
+ SIGs -> Category:SIGs (redirection)
+ Special_Interest_Groups -> Category:SIGs (redirection)
- SIGs/Foo
+ Category:Foo SIG (in Category:SIGs)
+ SIGs/Foo -> Category:Foo SIG (redirection)
+ Foo_special_interest_group -> Category:Foo SIG (redirection)
- SIGs/Foo/Subject1
+ Subject1 (in Category:Foo SIG)
+ SIGs/Foo/Subject1 -> Subject1 (redirection)
- SIGs/Foo/Subject2
+ Subject2 (in Category:Foo SIG)
+ SIGs/Foo/Subject2 -> Subject2 (redirection)
- SIGs/Bar
+ Category:Bar SIG (in Category:SIGs)
+ SIGs/Bar -> Category:Bar SIG (redirection)
+ Bar_special_interest_group -> Category:Bar SIG (redirection)
- SIGs/Bar/Subject3
+ Subject3 (in Category:Bar SIG)
+ SIGs/Bar/Subject3 -> Subject3 (redirection)

I've already done some work in this direction for the Fonts SIG:

As you can see, replacing file hierarchies by categories work pretty well, except all the indexes are user-hostile for items not moved to the wiki root (which I have not done yet). So I'd like to do the last step and flatten completely my SIG page hierarchy.


Nicolas Mailhot

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