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Re: RFE: autofsck

Ahmed Kamal wrote:
> I totally agree we should fix the core cause. If there's anything to
> prevent file system errors from ever happening, go for it. However, when
> the inevitable
> Filesystem errors, Fix(y/n):
> appears, when was the last time you pressed "n"! Unless you're Theodore
> tso there's not so much you could do, eh! So why not make that the default

For the same reason that Ted T'so doesn't think the software itself
should blindly assume -y as the default.  ;)  You are basically asking
the Fedora scripts to override the e2fsck defaults chosen by Ted as the
safest approach.

If nothing else, forcing the user to press "y" at least alerts them that
something  has gone wrong.  An unattended box rebooting post-disaster,
running e2fsck -y may move huge swaths of data to lost+found
automatically and leave the user scratching their heads about where on
earth all their email went (or whatever).

If you like the tradeoff by all means set it on your boxes, it may be
the right answer in your situation, but I don't like it for a default.


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