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Re: RFE: autofsck

On Tue, 10 Jun 2008, Eric Sandeen wrote:

because of an INCOSISTENCT FILESYSTEM error, I'm more then happy to run fsck -y

As a bit of a tangent, if you see this fairly often, any idea why?

Not "fairly often", but enough to get upset about the missing "-y" option

Journaling should in general protect you from needing any sort of fsck
after a power loss or oops; that's what they're for, right.  I'd be
curious to know what sorts of corruptions you wind up finding.

I honestly don't remember what kind of errors. It tends to happen on
machines for uptimes of > 1 year, so it could be either known bugs in
the kernel or some bad ram/write. A few years ago, I had all servers
that rebooted fail to find an MBR, apparently some bug had caused writes
to the start of the disk. I ended up running (then lilo) on various
machines just to be sure. From what I remember, the inconsistency
errors tend to be minor (a few lines of errors). The disks that grind
most of the fs into lost+found tend to be experimental/development
servers that reside in my office.


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