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Re: Wiki URL Structure (Proposed Change #2): flatten page hierarchies

Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot <at> laposte.net> writes:
> So I'd like the authorization for interested groups to stop trying to use the 
> tools the way they were not intended, kill the nested deep hierarchy mess and 
> move pages to the wiki root.

Sorry, but I really really don't like this idea. :-(

I like how everything relevant to the KDE SIG is under SIGs/KDE, we know who's 
responsible for those pages and we're sure not to trip on anybody else's page 
names that way. I think the (directory) tree structure clearly indicates who's 
reponsible for what, e.g. Packaging/* is FPC's domain, SIGs/KDE/* is KDE SIG's 
domain etc.

One big flat namespace works well for projects like Wikipedia where everything 
is free for all, but in Fedora, we have subprojects, which should have their 
own namespace. (Yes, everyone with a wiki account is free to edit pages in most 
directories, but there's still one group which is responsible.) Mediawiki 
namespaces such as KDE:Foo might work, but I don't think they were really 
intended to be used in this way, AFAICT they're intended to represent special 
pages such as Image:* or Talk:* instead.

        Kevin Kofler

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