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Re: Wiki URL Structure (Proposed Change #2): flatten page hierarchies

Le Mer 11 juin 2008 16:42, Kevin Kofler a écrit :
> Nicolas Mailhot <nicolas.mailhot <at> laposte.net> writes:
>> So I'd like the authorization for interested groups to stop trying
>> to use the
>> tools the way they were not intended, kill the nested deep hierarchy
>> mess and
>> move pages to the wiki root.
> Sorry, but I really really don't like this idea. :-(
> I like how everything relevant to the KDE SIG is under SIGs/KDE,

Fine for you :) I didn't ask for the permission to move your pages, I
asked the permission for interested groups to move theirs. If the old
way works better for you, stick to the old way, just let me use the
new one.

My interest in the new way is purely pragmatic, spending several days
fixing up old-way pages (with a rawhide browser) was an eye opener. I
want as much stuff as possible automated to avoid going through this
mess again in the future. Automating in mediawiki means categories,
thus I'll use categories.

Nicolas Mailhot

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