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Planned libOSMesa changes

We currently have libOSMesa's soname pinned at libOSMesa.so.6 rather
than upstream's libOSMesa.so.7, because there was no effective ABI
change between the two.  This is kind of lame.

We are also building three copies of libOSMesa, one for each of 8, 16,
and 32 bits per pixel.  This is wasteful since, I believe as of Mesa
6.5.something, it's possible to build a libOSMesa that can do all three

So I'd like to fix both of these things in F10.  I'd like to ship
exactly one copy of the library, built for all three depths, with an
soname of libOSMesa.so.7.

Repoquery tells me the following packages will be affected:

kbiof - owned by oddsocks (Ian Chapman)
paraview - owned by orion (Orion Poplawski)
vtk - owned by athimm (Axel Thimm)

So if this is you, consider yourself informed, and please raise
objections soon if at all.

- ajax

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