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Re: Let's make a plan for python3.0 in Fedora 10+

Matej Cepl wrote:
On 2008-06-12, 09:16 GMT, Tim Lauridsen wrote:
also see the potential upgrade nightmare a switch to a non backwards compatibility version of python and for anaconda

Am I totally wrong when I think that 2.6 should be 100% backward compatible with 2.5 (unless explicitly requested in the python script itself and even then it should just emit DepreceatedWarnings)?


Python will contain some forward 3.0 compability, i have not read any thing about 100% backwards compatibility.


but even if it is, then you will have to do a

a python 2.5 to python 2.6 with (__future__) features to use some of the new stuff. and later you have to do a 2.6 with (__future__) features to python 3.0, because as they state in then pep-3000

There is no requirement that Python 2.6 code will run unmodified on
Python 3.0


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