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Re: PackageKit UI

Richard Hughes wrote:
Quite a few people are complaining about the user interface of the
Add/Remove program in Fedora 9. This is correct, as I agree the UI
interaction was pretty awful in the 0.1.x codebase.

This was always going to be a stop-gap solution while we worked on the
0.2.x branch that supported all the sexy things that people wanted like
proxy server support, multiple install (and remove) and proper key
signing support.

This is the current UI of gpk-application in git master (and rawhide
from today): http://www.packagekit.org/temp/gpk-application.png

It fixes most of the problems with PackageKit 0.1.x (other than the
slowness [1]) and I'm hoping to get a build in F9 updates-testing
sometime soon. The update viewer and the other tools have also seen some
love too.

Comments/suggestions welcome,

Look better, but maybe to wide for lower resolution like 800x600.

A little 'Left Margin' in the description textview, will make the text more readable.

The 'icon" in the right corner looks a little misplaced. use it in package view instead.

When using different searches and selecting multiple packages, the should be an easy way to see what packages there is currently selected (in queue), maybe adding a 'Selected Packages" under 'All packages' should do it.



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