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Re: PackageKit UI

Been using packagekit for Fedora 9, and I generally like what I see
(good work!) things that I think can be improved/current problems:

1. Do NOT list multiple versions of the same package. I see that in
current Fedora release too. At times the version numbers are not that
easy to compare package-x.y.1.y vs package-x.y.y.1 makes a person
think. Other times if both are uninstalled, selecting the wrong one
will probably lead to an updated available applet anywway...

Solution: only list one - the latest one. If an update is available to
the installed version, use the corresponding update icon
(bugfix/enhancement/security) instead of an open or closed box.

2. The list on the left is a little "controlled". I am guessing the
shown groups are hard settings instead of all possible groups? what
groups are subsets of other groups?

Solution: have a tree menu. (yes, I realise this was removed earlier
from development as a "bad idea".) All packages shows the top level of
groups below it. Clicking on any one group will drop a submenu of its

3. There is no groupinstall, nor an obvious way to implement it.

Solution: It does not have to be obvious This is additional
functionality and can be behind a context menu. I doubt everyone even
knows about group install. The Pirut way works for those who know
where to look. It is better than nothing, it works. With a tree menu
(point 2) of all groups, it also has more power.

4a. (from packagekit in Fedora 9) hovering over the applet is sort of useless.
4b. The "progress" (similar to
http://www.packagekit.org/img/gpk-progress.png) and "update/install
completed" screens is also a useless waste of space. They also leave
unnecessary windows open. the completed screens just lie in the
background, ignored, giving no indication that a transaction has been

Solution: combine the two/three into a better notification:
hovering/clicking gives a proper notification with a full queue of
what is waiting to happen, maybe with update bars too. the transaction
complete bits should also be notifications, not a window that hides
behind the one you are actually doing work in, waiting for the
transaction to complete.

5. The updates available icons are not too obvious. Since they are in
the system tray, it needs to be obvious that they are not just another
program running there. I think something like the old up2date icons
(bright red circle with an exclamation mark) would gain more

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