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Re: PackageKit UI

Richard Hughes wrote:

What information does the opened/closed box icon give, apart from "we
have good graphists"?
Open = installed, closed = not installed. The icons also change if you
select them to be added or removed.
That's, errr, non-obvious.  At all.  I don't see how an icon can
convey that kind of thing in an obvious way, to be honest.  A
word+color code combination would probably be better.

Colour is a bad indicator as many people don't "do" colour.

I think the icon idea is OK but the box icon isn't very obvious. I think something along the lines of a globe with a downwards pointing green arrow overlaid on top could represent "not installed, package needs to be retrieved/downloaded", whilst installed packages could be represented by a silver hard disk icon, perhaps with word 'installed' written on the hard disk label.

Ian Chapman.

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