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Finnish spell checking packages and comps


We now have the Enchant Voikko provider in Fedora (package enchant-voikko), 
which provides Finnish spell checking support in Enchant. I would like to add 
it in comps for F10 and F9, but it's (clearly) not a GUI app and enchant 
itself is not in comps at all. This is what I'd like to add under 
the "Finnish support" group:

<packagereq type="conditional" requires="enchant">enchant-voikko</packagereq>

Would that be ok? I see pretty much the same has been done for hunspell 
packages for different languages, but hunspell is in the Base group, enchant 
is not. What should I do?

I also have a package called tmispell-voikko, which can be used as an ispell 
replacement for Finnish and it also has an ncurses "GUI". Technically it's a 
text mode app, but could I still add it? It would go under the "Finnish 
Support" group as well:

<packagereq type="optional">tmispell-voikko</packagereq>

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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