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Re: Proposal: bugzilla component for pre-review package development

>>>>> "JS" == Jon Stanley <jonstanley gmail com> writes:

JS> Maybe a trac instance on hosted?

For every separate package, when the submitters often don't even have
Fedora accounts?

JS> Or maybe a special status whiteboard that says "don't do anything
JS> with these" would be better than littering bugzilla with yet more
JS> irrelevant data :).

I don't see how a component differs from a status entry in that
regard.  Unless you're arguing that these things shouldn't be in
bugzilla at all, which I don't agree with.  If, however, you're saying
that we (the reviewers) should still have to open a ticket and look at
its whiteboard to know we shouldn't mess with it, then I contend
that's a needless waste of a very limited resource (reviewer time).

Putting tickets that don't contain packages for review under the
"Package Review" component makes about as much sense as putting them
under "kernel".

 - J<

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