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Re: automating updates

Neal Becker wrote:
I'm trying to automate the upstream updates of my packages (somewhat).  The
procedure seems to be:

1. In devel:
  1.1 make new-sources
  1.2 update .spec
  1.3 cvs ci -m 'update to xxx'
  1.4 make tag build

2. cp -l -f .spec sources .cvsignore ../F9
   cp -l -f .spec sources .cvsignore ../F9

3. for n in 9 8; do ( cd F-$n; cvs ci -m 'update to 1.0.1' && make tag build
&& bodhi -n -r F$n -t enhancement mercurial-1.0.1-4.fc$n ); done

What's not automated?

Howto get the current tag (e.g., mercurial-1.0.1-4.fc9)?
Optional - extract cvs ci message from spec changelog

Howto get bodhi to stop asking for a password?

Not long ago I wrote a small python script for automatic update of package needing few work.
You can find the new version there:

I also published it there
and Spot came with the answer to the
"How to start build and not wait that he has finished ?"

If that can help...



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