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Re: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

Hans de Goede wrote:
> jeff wrote:
We're talking about


That is one vision, another vision is we are talking about a bunch of bits,
which are part of the hardware.

It's software. In the case of tg3.c there is software sitting on someone's hard drive, they edit that, run it through a compiler, and spit out non-free binaries which Fedora distributes. Just because it runs on hardware doesn't make it hardware.

I can't believe you're actually arguing the files in foo-firmware.src.rpm are *HARDWARE*. What a crock. Fedora ships hardware thru the internet! A triumph!

You certainly (or very much most likely) didn't get them from the hardware either--you probably got them via ftp.

In some cases these bits which are part of the hardware happen to be stored in a non-volatile storage on the hardware and put on a non-volatile medium which is not physically part of the hardware, in these cases the operating system needs to get this bits from the non-volatile medium and put them in the volatile medium in the hardware before it can use the hardware. That doesn't make these bits any more or less part of the hardware as when they were in a rom.

Wow. I guess doublethinking requires such convoluted logic. Dude, if I can download it via FTP it isn't hardware. Get real.

So what you call software I call part of the hardware, see word game again.

Ya, it's a word game for you apparently, and you are *clearly* on the bullshit side of the word game by calling what is software hardware. Since when is fedora a hardware company, then? pfft. Wouldn't they have to go thru a whole different regulatory scheme to distribute this "hardware".


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