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Re: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

Rahul Sundaram wrote:
jeff wrote:

"We try to always do the right thing, and provide only free and open source
software." [1]

It's simply not true and the author of that (Rahul Sundaram I think--he writes it everywhere else too)

Sorry. That's not me. Don't blame me unnecessarily. Besides what is the right thing varies depending on the context and is a subjective thing.

Ah, sorry, I took a quick look at the wiki history and saw your name there (but didn't pin down the actual line) and from memory recalled you writing similar stuff in lwn.net comments.

Also, I wasn't arguing about the "right thing" part of it, but the "provide *ONLY* free and open source software" part.

To be clear: Fedora does not *ONLY* provide free and open source software, they also ship non-free software which cannot be modified and for which the source code isn't available to the general public. This isn't an accident or a bug, but policy.


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