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Re: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

jeff wrote:
Rahul Sundaram wrote:
jeff wrote:

"We try to always do the right thing, and provide only free and open source
software." [1]

It's simply not true and the author of that (Rahul Sundaram I think--he writes it everywhere else too)

Sorry. That's not me. Don't blame me unnecessarily. Besides what is the right thing varies depending on the context and is a subjective thing.

Ah, sorry, I took a quick look at the wiki history and saw your name there (but didn't pin down the actual line)

I edit the wiki all the time but that doesn't mean all of the content there is written by me. You have to be more careful about who you attribute the source.

Also, I wasn't arguing about the "right thing" part of it, but the "provide *ONLY* free and open source software" part.

Reading the whole thing in context helps. We are trying to. We might not be there just yet but we are a doing a hell lot better than most distributions. Pissing off your best allies isn't going to achieve your goal.


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