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Re: Proposal: bugzilla component for pre-review package development

>>>>> "BN" == Bastien Nocera <bnocera redhat com> writes:

BN> Make the report less buggy and not show up reviews that have
BN> non-resolved dependencies.

"less buggy" is certainly loaded language.  The report shows tickets
in the "Package Review" component that have no 'fedora-review' flag
set.  It does that.  I'm not sure how that behavior is somehow

In any case, that's certainly something to look it, but it's also
quite orthogonal, since it doesn't really cover the majority of the
tickets I'm looking at.  Plus it's not really problematic to submit
several interdependent review tickets.  I guess the report could
filter out reviews that are dependent on non-"Package Review" tickets,
but that still doesn't solve the main problem.

I'm kind of surprised there's reluctance to add a component since we
add one for every single new package.  Surely they're not a scarce

 - J<

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