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Re: Finnish spell checking packages and comps

Jesse Keating wrote:
> <still not happy that this isn't within hunspell>
> Since these packages all seem extremely specific to Finnish, I don't
> necessarily see a problem with just listing them in Finnish-support,
> without any conditionals.

Here's what I've done now: I've added enchant-voikko as default for F10 and as 
optional for F9 (because I wasn't sure if you can/should add any "default" 
stuff after the release). I've also added tmispell-voikko as optional for 

I noticed F8 comps doesn't have openoffice.org-voikko yet, but I wasn't sure 
if I can add '<packagereq type="conditional" 
requires="openoffice.org-core">openoffice.org-voikko</packagereq>' to a 
stable release and if adding it as optional would work at all, as it really 
needs openoffice.

About hunspell: The main Voikko maintainer has added some discussion points 
about not using hunspell to 
<http://voikko.sourceforge.net/architecture.html>. From what I have 
understood from mailing list discussions, switching to hunspell would in 
practice mean worse spell checking results, losing hyphenation support and 
not having the possibility of implementing a grammar checker in the near 

Ville-Pekka Vainio

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