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Re: Finnish spell checking packages and comps

Jesse Keating wrote:
> <still not happy that this isn't within hunspell>

I'd like to add that the nature of languages is such that there is no
way to have "one spellchecking backend for them all", if the backend
makes any assumptions of the languages. What Fedora has actually done,
implementing enchant support from existing patches etc. is just what
should be done too, as Enchant is an abstraction library that does not
make too much assumptions.

The only exceptions to Enchant usage are openoffice.org and mozilla
products, which is why currently separate Voikko extensions will be
provided for them. Regarding Mozilla for example, they just finished
switching to hunspell instead of enchant, possibly also believing that
it would solve spell-checking problems because hunspell's developers
have relatively actively touted its features.

Hunspell _is_ a very good thing for eg. Indo-European languages,
bringing ispell/aspell/myspell hopefully to an end, but it cannot be
expected to be flexible enough for all languages. The updated Voikko
architecture page linked in Ville-Pekka's post explains a few
problems, possibly the other Enchant users like Zemberek (Turkish) or
hspell (Hebrew) would have more insight too.


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