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Re: Finnish spell checking packages and comps

Timo Jyrinki <timo.jyrinki <at> gmail.com> writes:
> The only exceptions to Enchant usage are openoffice.org and mozilla
> products, which is why currently separate Voikko extensions will be
> provided for them.

There's also the original KSpell interface in KDE 3 and the compatibility 
K3Spell class in KDE 4. Those expect an ispell-compatible command-line 
interface. It is possible to use tmispell for this purpose, and in fact I have 
a patch for that already, though not applied yet, but each new spellchecker has 
to be added separately (which I already did for hunspell). (Unfortunately, 
enchant's command line is not usable for this purpose at all.) Changing the 
code to use Enchant as a library instead of running command-line spellcheckers 
would be a significant effort for that legacy code, so it is unlikely to 

The future of spellchecking in KDE is of course Sonnet (which was called 
KSpell2 in KDE 3), which already uses Enchant, but it will take time until all 
the applications are ported, if it ever completely happens.

        Kevin Kofler

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