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Fedora Release Engineering Meeting Recap 2008-06-09

Recap and full IRC transcript found here:

Please make corrections and clarifications to the wiki page.

== Misc Open Topics from F13==
* edited up sign_unsigned and managed to get a lot of speed increase out of it
* F10 schedule looks okay
* spam filter plugin going into Fedora hopefully today so that we can try to reduce the spam in our project space even more

== Source Control Management (SCM) ==
* Solely a requirements gathering phase--no specific SCM will be identified
* ideas so far of things that would be good to have:
** script triggers pre/post commit actions
** able to reliably disseminate commits as they happen to a selected group of people (per package & branch) ** having acls/multiple owners for things is implied, but might need to be explicit ** better integration with our environment in general, pkgdb, bodhi, bugzilla, etc..
** able to clone for disconnected development
** able to create new branches cheaply
** exploded source trees and quilt like patch management vs just simple patch files--ideally our new system would allow for both, depending on how the owner of the module decides to do it ** easy between-branch merging for those who like to ship the same source rpm everywhere
** not rely on magic 'branch' files for the build & tag-fu to work

== Fedora ia64 ==
* ia64 is almost ready to do an F9 release
* they need an updated fedora-release package that has their GPG key in it
**Seth is working on a yum change that will allow a single RPM gpg file hold multiple keys, so that we can just append the ia64 key to the current file. ** also talking with the yum guys about a possible change to how yum handles gpg files
** more discussion needed

== Hardware Update ==
* blade center was installed by mmcgrath last week, and we'll soon have a bunch more builders in koji

== IRC Transcript ==

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