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incoming potential breakage in rawhide.

Tomorrows rawhide enables something we've been saying
"Hey, we should do that" for about 3-4 releases now.
By default, booting up will enable glibc's malloc perturbing.

* Apps that expect allocated memory to be zeroed which are calling
  malloc() instead of calloc() will break.
* Apps using memory after it's been free()'d will break.

All somewhat akin to the alloc debugging we enable in the kernel each rawhide.

This will cause currently silent bugs to make apps abort() instead.

There's slight performance overhead, but hey, it's rawhide, we'll
turn it off again later.

You'll be able to turn it off in /etc/sysconfig/mcheck
But, if stuff starts breaking left and right for you, don't just
disable this, please file bugs!

There's one known bug which has been outstanding for a while,
which is guaranteed to hit any fedora committer using x86-64.
'make upload' causes curl to break..
Hopefully we can finally get this fixed this release.



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