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Re: PackageKit UI

Bill Crawford wrote:
2008/6/13 Richard Hughes <hughsient gmail com>:
On Thu, 2008-06-12 at 16:02 +0100, Naheem Zaffar wrote:
Been using packagekit for Fedora 9, and I generally like what I see
(good work!) things that I think can be improved/current problems:

1. Do NOT list multiple versions of the same package. I see that in
current Fedora release too. At times the version numbers are not that
easy to compare package-x.y.1.y vs package-x.y.y.1 makes a person
think. Other times if both are uninstalled, selecting the wrong one
will probably lead to an updated available applet anywway...
Sure. We've got a LATEST filter in PackageKit for this, but the yum
backend doesn't seem to support it. I might hack on that today on the

Solution: only list one - the latest one. If an update is available to
the installed version, use the corresponding update icon
(bugfix/enhancement/security) instead of an open or closed box.

Disagree. If you installed something from updates-testing and want to
downgrade to original release or stable update, that should be listed
too (with an option to downgrade, preferably presented exactly the way
as for a newer one, but perhaps dimmed or something).

Perhaps it would be better not to list ANY updates available in the same listings as the packages you're installing... but rather to add a new abstract group 'Updates' to the left sub-menus. The currently installed package would be listed in its normal place, and any update to it would be listed in the sub-group. If you don't have it installed then only the newest available one would be listed in the normal place.

To downgrade, you uninstall, turn off updates-testing, and then go install. Nothing more obvious than this is needed for the downgrade case since its only something software testers should need to do.

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