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Re: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

jeff wrote:
> max wrote:
>> jeff wrote:

>>> If you remove the non-free software from tg3.c the device will still
>>> work.
>> Completely?
> Yes.
>> no loss of functionality whatsoever?
> I think the firmware does some TCP offloading or something so more
> processing happens in the card instead of the kernel, but I'm really not
> certain what the firmware is doing. In fact, only the people with the
> source code know what it's doing, I supppose.
> But it works 100% fine as a regular network card without the firmware.

So, let me summarize: we have a bit of binary-only fimware that does
goodness knows what in a critical part of our systems.  We don't actually
need this firmware; it may or may not improve performance.  Is this right?

It sounds to me as though we're better off without it, regardless of its
status with regard to the GPL.


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