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Re: Heads Up! Wavpack soname bump

On Wed, Jun 18, 2008 at 03:22:56PM +0200, KH KH wrote:
> You can see if upstream has bumped the soname by running this
> # readelf -a /usr/lib64/libwavpack.so.1.0.1 |grep SONAME
>  0x000000000000000e (SONAME)             Library soname: [libwavpack.so.1]
> Where the soname is libwavpack.so.1
> On the other hand you can check if ABI has actually changed with
> rpmsodiff wavpack-4.41-1.fc10 wavpack-4.50-1.fc10
> The case where ABI breaks is when symbol are removed that might be
> used by any dependent application.
> (As I expect). When symbols are only added, this would mean that ABI
> is preserved and the dependent application can optionally be rebuilt
> to use theses new symbols (if they are somehow used within the
> dependant application).

I know about 2 sources of information, for C there is the libtool
manual regarding library versionning, 
it isn't explicit, but can be retrieved from the guideline in
soname should change when symbols are removed.

For C++ things seems to be more complicated, I know about this:


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