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Re: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

Bill Crawford wrote:
2008/6/18 Andrew Haley <aph redhat com>:

So, let me summarize: we have a bit of binary-only fimware that does
goodness knows what in a critical part of our systems.  We don't actually
need this firmware; it may or may not improve performance.  Is this right?

This sounds like most computer systems (BIOS, although we can usually
do without it mostly after boot time) and their components e.g. most
If you need it at boot time then I don't think you can say you don't need it. However this does lead to another interesting point, Linux BIOS, I know there is the coreboot project :


I know some boards are supposed to be coming out with Linux BIOS
What impact might this have on  proprietary firmware and drivers and such?

modern network interfaces, SCSI controllers and so on, lots of which
have some sort of firmware embedded in some way on the card or the
main device on it. The next point you make is a good one, ...

It sounds to me as though we're better off without it, regardless of its
status with regard to the GPL.

Yes. Which is why we should stop supporting these "PCs" which aren't
completely free.

I'm all for it too but first you have to get completely free options on the market place. People cannot support what is not available. If you know of one then please post a link, I am thinking about a new box and completely free (not referring to price here obviously) would suit me just fine.


The hell you say!!

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