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Re: Fedora Freedom and linux-libre

On Jun 16, 2008, jeff <moe blagblagblag org> wrote:

> Tom "spot" Callaway wrote:
>> On Sun, 2008-06-15 at 22:39 -0300, jeff wrote:
>>> To me it appears quite clear that Broadcom is distributing a GPL'd
>>> file, and thus has to turn over the source code.
>> I would encourage you to pursue this with Broadcom, as they are clearly
>> the copyright holder for the firmware.

> Well, and RedHat too.

Yep.  Anyone who would like to distribute this program needs to ask
Broadcom for the source code to be able to distribute it in compliance
with the terms of the license.  Not doing so means exposing oneself to
the possibility of a copyright infringement law suit from Broadcom.

(FTR, I acknowledge it's not that simple, and then IANAL)

Alexandre Oliva         http://www.lsd.ic.unicamp.br/~oliva/
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