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Re: RPM compression format

> I guess we also need to stage things appropriately so that those updating to
> Fedora x (where x is the LZMA supported distro) by using on-line update
> (yeah I know its not supported as such but its always worked well in the
> past), are able to get the initial upgrade requirements onto their box
> (which I guess would be rpm, yum & fedora-release) without being stymied by
> an rpm for those packages being compressed with LZMA when their own rpm
> cannot cope with it...
>        Nigel.

I think that's already done, on transaction, rpm (yum and co.) always
search for updated version of themselves first.
Well, indeed, rpm compressed with lzma aren't compatible with Fedora yet.
Maybe that's the point we need to fix. Because we cannot install rpm
from SuSE on Fedora (even if that doesn't really make sense unless for
pure contents and we can always package it for Fedora ).
If download size matter, I think it would be better to answear with
deltarpms instead.
Now maybe we can split the question of the lzma "support" in rpm
itself with the question to "use" lzma in rpm, distro wide.

Anyone ever submitted a RFC bug about this ?

Nicolas (kwizart)

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