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Cross toolchain support for SPUs on Cell / ppc64

A lot of people using the PS3 and / or Cell based systems suffer from missing toolchain support for building SPU applications just after they installed Fedora. They have to download the necessary packages from various places and have to do the package management by their own.

I think that the time is right to support SPUs right out of the box after installing the latest Fedora release. Therefore we'd need to have the following packages in Fedora.


Before we start opening Review Requests in Bugzilla we want to start the discussion what the best approach for supporting cross compiling toolchains like the SPU toolchain in Fedora is. As far as I know there is only one example for cross compiler support in Fedora which is Atmels AVR.

Our suggestion would be to build spu-binutils from the same source as the system gcc for ppc is build. Here we'd have to change the ppc binutils package and add --enable-target=spu . A separate spu-binutils package including the spu assembly is needed anyhow.

It would also be good to be able to build the spu-gcc from the same sources as the system gcc is build. It would be even better if the spu-gcc is build from the same .spec file. Of course this needs a lot of configuration and adjustments.

For spu-newlib we'd have to create a separate package as we'd have for spu-gdb.

Thanks for any comment, suggestion and help.



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