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Re: Firewall and user services that needs open ports

Izhar Firdaus wrote:
I needed to print through a network printer a few days ago. But it
doesn't just work. Seems like the firewall need to be stopped and
cups-config-daemon need to be started (not sure bout the latter, coz i
simply start all cups related services).

This raises a question, as Fedora turns on firewall by default, what's
the plan for certain user services that requires firewall to be turned
off (cups, gnome file sharing) ?? Something like PolicyKit but for
firewall??. Ubuntu took the easy way of simply disabling firewall, and
I doubt Fedora will follow that path.

This has been a discussion on some list some time ago... If memory serves me well it was not becoming the default. I think the only move forward to make is to;

1) invent a system that will do this kind of thing
2) do the work and test-case / show-case the system
3) make it available to users that would otherwise just shut down the firewall entirely


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