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Toshio is vacationing

Hi all,

I'll be vacationing from tomorrow to the 1st of July (be back in
California July 2nd.)  My packages should all have open acls so feel
free to fix and I've added myself to https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Vacation

There's some changes in the packagedb that are very nice but I don't
want to push them while I'm on vacation as I've noticed some slowness on
certain queries. :-(  If someone else wants to do so, I'm totally fine
with it as long as you have the old packages available to rollback in
case we start getting timeouts.

python-fedora-devel has been updated to a new version.  But there's a
few very strange things happening in the new jsonfas interface.  I've
clued lmacken in on that so if he has time to work on it we could end up
pushing the new stuff to some test servers.  Otherwise it will probably
wait until after I get back in July.

I'll stop by on IRC once in a while but I'm going to make a conscious
effort not to check my email ;-)  See you all in July!


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