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Re: [packaging] LSB Package API

On Sat, 2008-06-21 at 16:18 +0200, Denis Washington wrote:
> The problem I currently see with single-click install is that it still
> relies on a single package format (.rpm), so there would have to be
> several packages of the same application again. Another particular
> problem I see is security: RPM runs as root, so post-install routines
> will do so too. That's why I tried to do an architecture that works
> without root privileges (in many cases at least). But maybe there are
> are already plans how to address this? I must admit I'm not all that
> well-informed about SuSE's one-click install.

We've discussed this in detail on the PackageKit mailing list.

> > Can we move followups to packaging lists linux-foundation org rather
> > than cc'ing all those lists?
> OK. I wanted to get as many parties as possible on board, but now
> let's say: whoever likes to follow this discussion is encouraged to to
> join packaging lists linux-foundation org [1]. Follow-ups should only
> be sent there.

Sure, you probably want to see the FAQ and mailing lists archives for
PackageKit too. There's a real reason PackageKit doesn't support OCI,
and another reason it supports catalog instead.


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