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Re: Firewall and user services that needs open ports

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 3:06 AM, Andrew Farris <lordmorgul gmail com> wrote:
> There is no service which requires a firewall to be turned off... that does
> not exist.  What they require is configuration to function with the firewall
> on. Improvement of the firewall configuration tool would certainly be a good
> step forward, and perhaps more automated configuration via upnp, but turning
> it off is definitely the wrong move... no matter what service you're trying
> to get through it.

err, well, yeah, - firewall turned off or port opened - .. I know I
can use netstat -nap to find what ports that i need to open, but
JoeRandom can't do that ..  I didn't suggest turning off the firewall,
I really believe Fedora would never do that .. My question was, are
there any plans for handling such purpose .. because so far, the only
approach that i've seen is to disable the firewall - which is rather
an ugly move ..

On Mon, Jun 23, 2008 at 4:53 AM, Chuck Anderson <cra wpi edu> wrote:
> Why do we need a firewall when you can easily prevent services from
> being accessed...just stop the service!  Don't bind to the port, and
> it won't be possible to connect to it.

because JoeRandom don't know what daemon to turn on, and what daemon
to turn off.. he will turn on whatever daemon the found/install .. and
because binding port > 1024 doesnt need root, who knows what
(malicious) software might be utilizing those high ports ..

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Amano Hikaru
天野晃 「あまの ひかる」
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