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Need help with openvpn behavior


currently I cannot fix #446335 because of some strange openvpn settings:

NetworkManager-openvpn starts openvpn with 
--up nm-openvpn-service-helper  
That is basically to allow NetworkManager to update the IPv4

The problem occurs when the helper trys to figure out what the remote
machine is by evaluating environment vars set by openvpn.
In some configurations "trusted_ip" holds that info, in some its just
"remote_1" and -even worse- I just had a test where that remote ip is
not stored in _any_ variable in a simple tun/psk connection.

This also makes 

a regression for some users currently as I switched usage of
"trusted_ip" to "remote_1"

I would patch that to make "remote_1" a fallback if "trusted_ip" is not
set but that does not 

So does anyone know how to get openvpn to _always_ set a var which holds
the remote ip and which it is?

thank you for any advice


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