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Re: rhgb no more

Hi again,

> One thing you will soon notice in F10 rawhide is that rhgb is no
> longer around.  We've blocked it and plan on replacing it for F10.
> This is a continuation of our "BetterStartup" feature from a few
> Fedoras ago (I would post a link but the wiki seems to be down).
The link is here, fwiw:

>The replacement for rhgb will be a mixture of two things:
> 1) Starting gdm as early as possible and fitting it to give boot
> progress before asking for login.   This is somewhat in line with the
> early-login prototype feature some of you may remember from several
> fedora releases ago.
> 2) Hiding boot messages before gdm unless escape key is pressed.  For
> graphics hardware that has drm modesetting, we'll be able to show some
> sort of pretty graphics, and for everyone else we'll show a very
> simple text mode progress.
So after a bit of hacking on 2, we've come to the conclusion that 1
isn't really necessary.

It looks really good to just keep 2 up until gdm would normally start.
 We don't need to start it earlier in the boot process.

A lot of the bits are in rawhide now, but the graphical bits won't be
really testable until the drm modesetting drivers get added back to


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