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Re: Fedora Support channels Improvement ideas

On Mon, 23 Jun 2008 21:55:34 -0400
tcallawa redhat com ("Tom \"spot\" Callaway") wrote:

> On Mon, 2008-06-23 at 17:11 -0500, Eric Sandeen wrote:
> > What if there were #fedora-filesystems, #fedora-gnome,
> > #fedora-sound, $fedora-$WHATEVER to focus the discussions & keep
> > things a bit more manageable?  Or is that just many more tabs for
> > the fedora-keepers to lurk in...
> One thing to keep in mind is that freenode has a max number of
> channels permitted. Not sure what it is offhand, but I do know that I
> occasionally hit it as is, and tiering things out will simply make
> that more prevalent.

Agreed. Also, expecting users to find some subchannel is impossible.
Many folks are new to Linux and Fedora and even have a hard time
articulating their questions. Many have multiple questions on various

There are surely some cases where people are reffered to other
channels, ie, if they have a selinux question that no one in #fedora
can figure out, they are sent to #selinux, if they are running rawhide
and have a complex question, they can go ask in #fedora-devel, etc. 

> As the "super-op" for all things Fedora/Red Hat IRC, I agree with
> pretty much everything Kevin has said. I've been planning to write an
> IRC "code of conduct" for some time, but I've not yet gotten that far
> down my todo list. 

Yeah. We can help things along and get something drafted that you can
review. ;) 

> A few things we should consider:
> 1. Office hours. People who sign up to be "official" helpers during a
> regular shift can get +v, making them easily identifiable to people
> looking for help. We can document this in the topic (or in a FAQ URL).

Ah ha. We will have to see if +v shows up enough for people, but thats
a great idea. 

> 2. Auditing. It might not be a bad idea to put a very simple logging
> bot in #fedora which just logs the channel text. This would also help
> us track abuse in a more reliable way than how it is now ("This guy is
> being abusive.")

Agreed. I think that would be great. 

> I think OP shifts are also great ideas, I'd be willing to take a few.


> We may need to take a look at who the ops are currently. Folks who
> haven't been active or helpful may need to be replaced.

Yeah, we will want to go over the list. 

> WRT bots, we just need to keep the noise level from any bots to a bare
> minimum. Perhaps tie it into a user list so that helpers and chanops
> can have it speak in channel, and all other queries go to the user in
> privmsg.

Agreed. I think that would be fine. 
There are some cases where going to the channel might be good, like
saying when shifts change and who the new helpers are, etc. 

> I won't be around for the meeting on Thursday, because I'm on vacation
> (not that you can tell from my emails), but I'm interested in
> participating.

Excellent. We can try and hold a meeting/brainstorming session this
week and see about ideas moving forward. Hopefully we are going to meet
more and get more ideas moving forward. 

> ~spot


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