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Re: Fedora Support channels Improvement ideas

On Mon, 23 Jun 2008 23:44:32 -0500
pemboa gmail com ("Arthur Pemberton") wrote:

> 2008/6/23 Kevin Fenzi <kevin scrye com>:
> [ snip ]
> > Agreed. Also, expecting users to find some subchannel is impossible.
> I don't see how someone can find #fedora, but not #fedora-kde. How do
> you see that?
> We could put up a page directing people.

New users often don't know where their problem is. If my system locks
up when I login to the desktop, would I look for #fedora-kernel? Or
#fedora-gnome? Do I even know I am running gnome?

I think spreading our resources this way is a bad idea. 
> > Many folks are new to Linux and Fedora and even have a hard time
> > articulating their questions. Many have multiple questions on
> > various subjects.
> such a person would go to the "general" list

ok. Many people don't realize they have many questions until the first
is answered and leads to another however. 

> > There are surely some cases where people are reffered to other
> > channels, ie, if they have a selinux question that no one in #fedora
> > can figure out, they are sent to #selinux, if they are running
> > rawhide and have a complex question, they can go ask in
> > #fedora-devel, etc.
> quite true, more would be better IMHO
> [ snip ]

I agree, but only where such channels have a community of users and
other purpose. I think trying to start such for purely support reasons
is spreading our limited resources too thin. 


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