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Custom DSDT Table in the fedora kernel at boot time

Hello guys,

I had a serios problems with my bios and at the end it was the dsdt 
table that was broken. this gave me alot of kernel panics untill i 
figured it out. Now I have to recompile the kernel every time a new 
one goes out in order to put in my custom dsdt table and enable it. 
this takes about 30 min and I cannot use any of the devel kernels.

There is, however, a kernel patch at gaugusch.at/kernel.shtml which 
enables the kernel to load a custom dsdt table from the initrd. and 
this is alot faster than the previous method with the kernel 

Will it be possible for this patch to go in the mainstream fedora 

Some other distros are using it and I don't see any reason why 
fedora shouldn't use it either. I know this kind of tainting the 
kernel is "dangerous" but it is the only way for user (like me) 
with broken bios/dsdt table to run their kernels. And because lots 
of bioses are tested only on windows there are no other way than 
inserting a custom dsdt for linux.

Any sugestions or downsides of this method that can prove the 
exclusion of this patch from the mainstream fedora kernel?


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